i found a new way to cope

when i was about 16-17 i started my first clothing brand in high school. after the first collection was released i ordered more with my partner at the time. while i was in the car with my mom on the way to church i sincerely thought “after this.. it will be nothing but clear blue skies…” i was completely wrong with that statement.

life has been a series of dramatic highs and lows that shaped me into who i am today. since then.. nearly twelve years later i find myself still learning valuable lessons. art has been a critical aspect of my life and has existed romantically next to me side by side though many many lonely times. sometimes the goals you want to meet take years, sometimes they take months. the only thing that matters is that you never give up on your passions or what you’re pursuing. friends come and go, that will never change. values align differently and that too is fine. my advice is to spend more intimate times with your craft and yourself to discover who you are.

this is an illustration i completely shortly after getting back to Las Vegas. i was walking around the city deeply reflecting on life after working with Portculture with the Buku art installments. this drawing was made without the use of any pencil. only pen.

thank you for believing in my art with me. i am living in Las Vegas trying to acquire a studio space to create out of regularly. i’ve met a lot of beautiful and brilliant people while here. i love it and the new life i am surrounding myself with. i also love the sunsets. tomorrow is my moms birthday. i am two months and a week or so free of alcohol + cigarettes. cold turkey. i don’t plan to have alcohol apart of my life anymore. when i celebrate making a million i might have a mimosa.

i love you. believe in yourself.

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you cannot give up on your dreams..

i promise you that the reward from pursuing your passions or dreams manifest in many forms. believe in yourself.

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completely new chapters are beginning for me..

as you may notice this is a new website. everything i used to own was somewhat lost in cyber space. truthfully they might be somewhere between a file on hardware or they exist floating digitally on a cloud. somewhere.

welcome to my new story. a completely brand new beginning of documenting my way through life via the arts.

i know that a lot of my previous written post shared that “i need to remember to use my website” or to publish on my website often.

truthfully that is a more serious realization now. there have been so many new life situations to happen to me since my recent posts.

it hurts to lose a lot of my content but i’m ready to write all new chapters. i might end up recovering the data but who knows. i know that the longer i go without sharing my story the more anxiety i build up. it helps to let this out intimately on my website.

i live in Las Vegas now i guess. im making art and developing websites for a certain selection of people/artists. i am a professional curator. i’ve been working with a ton of artist for over ten years showcasing their works along side mine. this year i was able to showcase my friend’s works at one of the most anticipated music festivals in the south.

i curated the indoor backstage hanging art with the Portculture team at The Buku Music + Arts Project. Also known as Buku Fest.

i need more time to think. my life is a series of memories. all of them are really delightful. i have been compartmentalizing my time to wander more and to be inspired. i am unbothered. i’ve been aimlessly walking around soaking in LIFE.

overcoming flying was a real milestone for me. truthfully i’m excited for what ever is next on my plate. haha i don’t really know. i have many ideas id like to turn into reality. some things i know but i don’t want to say on here just yet.

im thankful for the ability to look back on time and the places i came from. i can see the level of growth that’s taken place. the story has been massive. i could only imagine where all this experience will take me.

haha wow its such a honor to have my work permanently applied onto someones flesh. that always ALWAYS trips me out. thank you Brandon Beam.. you’re really the greatest of all  time for this one. it looks amazing.

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