my name is leeaux and this is my website.

on it you will find a list of my projects, accomplishments, thoughts, and works of art.

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0 Replies to “clothing”

  1. Robin says:

    Hi Leeaux! So glad to see your journey. XxxO

    • leeaux says:

      i’m literally about to cry. i’m so glad to be able to share it.
      please email me, or i can email you.
      love you so much

  2. Joshua says:

    Thanks for the amazing drawing on the bus buddy! Hope you enjoy your evening. I’m off to start work but you definitely highlighted my morning.

  3. Smooth says:

    K, I’m ready to explore Sin City as an adult!

  4. 7BONES says:

    Keep pushing brother, I can relate. You are doing much better than I though. I fell off twice in the past five months I’m coming up on. Things have changed drastically, and the two slips only put more emphasis on that I enjoy my sobriety better.

    • leeaux says:

      it really means a lot that you’re checking in and writing to me- sometimes you get challenged by life and slip up but you can’t let that really get you down and prevent you from growing. i’m still rooting for you bro!