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gracefully making into the new month of December

and then after that we’re staring at 2020 together. who would of known huh?

when i was 18 or so, i wouldn’t have ever thought i’d be living in Las Vegas.

i wouldn’t have thought my independent clothing endeavors would be reaching this level of support.

i honestly didn’t see most of this coming because i didn’t think i’d get to enjoy any of it.

we collaborated with artists in different countries creating merchandise with their artwork. now an art collective i created in 2011 is being represented in Japan and Brazil.

there are so many situations i want to thank for this to unfold.

i’m unbelievably thankful for everything that led to today. this moment. my typing into the computer.

each and every bit of synchronicity that guided my path.

all of it.

even my previous journal being delete and lost in cyberspace. i am thankful for that too.

change is needed to remove you from comfort in order to move further in life.

i’m happy that i’ve obtained a grasp of foundation and responsibility with myself and my artwork.

in february 2020 i will be a year free from alcohol and that would have been the longest since i was 18. that’s when all of my ideas spurred together and sent me here.

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